Who We Are

New York Counts is a broad-based, statewide coalition formed in the lead up to the 2020 Census by the New York Immigration Coalition. Through this coalition, we empowered communities and community-based organizations with “Get Out the Count” education and resources, engaged with local governments and institutions, and supported Complete Count Committees.

Our aim in 2030 as in 2020 is to ensure that all New Yorkers across the state – particularly marginalized communities in historically undercounted and at-risk districts – can fully maximize their participation in each and every decennial Census.

Our aim for 2023 and beyond is to continue to serve New Yorkers as a(n):

We also remain a living archive of New York state’s “Get Out the Count Efforts” in 2020, when we also served as a(n):

New York Counts Partners

As it will be in 2030, our work in 2020 was only possible through the power of partnerships. We were proud to steward this coalition of dedicated, hardworking community-based organizations and other partners. Here are just some of our emerging 2030 campaign partners.