Need Printed Census Materials?

Dear Census Advocates,

We hope you are well in these challenging times, and we want to emphasize our appreciation for the advocacy and outreach you have been doing since the launch of the 2020 Census. Over the past few months, we have highlighted a number of Census-related print materials and resources available for download. As organizations are increasingly working to distribute these materials in person, we are looking into making available NYCounts2020 print materials, such as our palm cards, coloring sheets, and bumper stickers.

We wanted to gauge interest to see if you or your organization are interested in distributing these materials across New York State. If you are interested, please fill out the following form: This will involve coordination with printers, and we cannot guarantee anything at this time, but we are working to make it happen!

Please see the links below to view the print materials:

Thank you for all that you do to make sure that all New Yorkers are counted! #NYCounts2020

Yours In Enumeration,
New York Counts 2020